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Reduce Weight Fruta Planta


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Reduce Weight Fruta Planta

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Fruta Planta is a new chinese weight loss capsules. Reduce Weight Fruta Planta is taking this country by storm because unlike many other diet pill fomulations, FRUTA PLANTA WORKS! Fruta Planta targets the abdomen and works to eliminate body fat in the hips, arms, buttocks and face.This weight loss diet pill formula is 100% pure & natural and formulated to help users:
Burn Fat Naturally
Reduce Appetite (appetite suppressant)
Fight Mid Day Cravings
Slim and Target Problem Areas (Stomach, Arms, Face, Thighs and Buttocks)

Lemon - natural antioxidant, internal cleanser with special healing properties
Bitter Melon - The tropical fruit contains bioactive compounds that are known for regulating metabolism. Bitter melon stimulates healthy digestion.
Papaya - A natural source of vitamin A and C. Papaya promotes health digestion from the fiber and potassium provided by the fruit.
Benefit fruit (Mangosteen) - This fruit has natural weight loss properties. It is also an antioxidant.
Spirulina Maxima - “Vitamin enriched” antioxidant and appetite suppressant.
Radish Fruit
Fruit Gum

With appropriate exercise, flabby body parts can be firmed up quickly. Contains various natural and herbal essences with no presevatives, free of medicines and heavy metals.

400mg*30pcs per box

Take one capsule before breakfast, 1 time a day.

For those patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, prenant women as well as children.

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