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Fitne Herbal Infusion weight loss slim diet Green tea


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Fitne Herbal Infusion weight loss slim diet Green tea

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Fitne Herbal Infusion weight loss slimming diet Green tea  Flavor

FITNE Herbal Infusion is a natural herb extract and taken before bedtime serves as a laxative. Presently, many herbs are used for the preparation of laxatives, but Leaves and Pods of Senna have been considered as the best laxative agent and widely used for centuries. FITNE’ Herbal Infusion contains senna leaves and pods, therefore, is considered the best natural ingredient in the world to have an effective laxative effect. Moreover, it can prevent cancer in the large intestine by ensuring regular and healthy digestive and excretory systems.

FITNE is available in three flavors, Original, Chrysanthemum and Green tea. The Original flavor presents the unique natural herbal smell and taste while the Chrysanthemum flavor offers the mild and smooth feeling from its beautiful smell and taste. The latest, Green tea flavor, gives you maximum benefits of Green tea.


1. Drop one teabag in a cup of boiling  water

2. Leave for 10-20 minutes

3. Drink after dinner or before bedtime as needed


  • Loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and promoting regularity of motions
  • Prevents accumulation of fat, Enhanced slender body
  • No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation
  • Prevent the loss of minerals in the body when a balanced diet is maintained
  • Prevent Hemorrhoid
  • Prevent Cancer in the large intestine.


15 packs/ boxes

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